Welcome to iHack Ottawa image

Welcome to iHack Ottawa

June 15th 2019 12:00 - 12:30
Talks (Room 2200)
Welcome to the iHack Ottawa cybersecurity conference and CTF. An overview of who we are, our mandate, the agenda for the day, and where things are happening will be covered.
Nadeem Douba avatar
Nadeem Douba
Founder and CTO, Red Canari
Nadeem Douba is the founder and CTO of Red Canari, an information security consulting firm that specializes in highly technical security assessments. With over 20 years experience, Nadeem provides consulting and training services for organizations within the public and private sector. He has also pr...
Dan Craigen avatar
Dan Craigen
Founding President, Global Epic
Mr. Craigen is the Director of Carleton University’s Global Cybersecurity Resource (GCR) (https://www.cugcr.ca) and was the founding president of Global EPIC (https://www.globalepic.org). As Director of the GCR, Mr. Craigen has been instrumental in its development of entrepreneurial principles to eq...
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