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June 15th 2019 12:30 - 13:30
Talks (Room 2200)
If you’ve participated in plenty of CTFs or read books and tutorials on security, you probably understand stack-based buffer overflows or SQL injections and you are looking for the next set of challenges. Well, life is a CTF. If you look around you there are plenty of “hackable” things and you think you’re “just not quite at that level yet” - that’s probably not true.

In this talk, I hope to inspire people, who are starting to join InfoSec community, to take the leap and use their skills to tackle real world problems. In this talk, we’ll discuss tips on bridging the gap from tutorial to real world application on various infosec subjects. I will also introduce some “slightly more than beginner” topics on binary exploitation as well as some of the mitigations put in place today. I will walk-through the tools and programs to help you CTF IRL.

I hope that listeners will be less intimidated to tackle real software or hardware and start their journey into cyber security.
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Jean-marc Le Blanc
Independent Security Researcher
Currently working as a reverse engineer, Jean-Marc has worked for multiple respected security enterprises for past 5 years. On top of his professional security research, he has done allot of personal vulnerability research on large popular applications. His most recent project has been the mruby bug...
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