RFID Village (Room 3201) image

RFID Village (Room 3201)

June 15th 2019 12:30 - 17:00
RFID Village
RFID Village, organized by security consulting and research firm Loudmouth Security, presents an overview of the security landscape for commonly used RFID technologies in access control and payment/ticketing systems. Using our tools and equipment, participants can get hands on experience reading and cloning RFID tags, and physically interact with common RFID access control systems. This is lock-picking for the digital age. No laptop required for participation.
Trevor Huffy avatar
Trevor Huffy
Senior Partner, Loudmouth Security
Dedicated IT Security specialist with over 6 years’ experience. Enthusiastic penetration tester with a wide range of skills. Graduated from Algonquin College with an honour in Cyber Security, along with being OSCP certified. Competed in numerous CTF competitions with consistently high results, recen...
Trevor Stevado avatar
Trevor Stevado
Founding Partner & Hacker, Loudmouth Security
Trevor has a knack for thinking about problems differently, looking at systems from a different perspective and exploiting the assumptions we make on a daily basis. These skills have been crucial in Trevor's career as a cyber security professional.

For the past 10 years, Trevor has specialized in ...
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