Lockpick Village (Room 3220) image

Lockpick Village (Room 3220)

June 15th 2019 12:30 - 17:00
Lockpick Village
If you can abide by these simple guidelines then members of the Ottawa LockSport Group would like to share with you the inner workings of locks, how lock picking works and give you a chance to try picking a variety of different types of locks.

- Never pick a lock you do not have permission to open
- Never pick a lock you depend on (like your front door)

The Ottawa Lock picking Enthusiasts (https://www.meetup.com/Ottawa-Lockpicking-Enthusiasts/) includes people with a wide range of careers/experiences but is predominately IT Professionals interested in understanding how things work. These skills may also prove invaluable for Penetration Testing and helping absent minded friends.

Lock picking is a very rewarding experience and in under and hour many people are able to master the techniques and get the thrill of opening some of the most common padlocks available. Other hands on training will include lock pinning, handcuffs and bypass tools
TOOOL Ottawa - Lockpicking Enthusiasts
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