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Hostility and Conflict In Cyberspace

June 15th 2019 16:00 - 17:00
Talks (Room 2200)
iHack presents a unique opportunity to test and polish your skills and use of your toolkits in the cyber domain. If you haven’t already, you will soon realize the impact of your actions and the responsibilities and accountabilities you carry. You will also need to know the difference between cyber-crime, cyber-espionage, cyber sabotage, and cyber warfare. You will likely also need to understand the laws in Canada and internationally that surround cyber and the challenges we have today surrounding this.

Canada works together with our allies to help defend and protect each other. Annually, NATO’s cyber live fire exercise called Locked Shields held in Tallinn, Estonia, brings together many experts from the allied countries. They practice to work together in cyber and other domains of warfare.

As Canadians, we are legalistic and tend to be precise with our actions. Our adversaries may not be. They will attempt to compromise us through all security domains (physical, technological, personnel, and emissions) and attempt to cause harm from all domains of warfare (air, land, sea, space, and now cyber) with little concern for collateral consequences.

Mr. Kushwaha will discuss these matters in greater detail and share some of his knowledge, experience, and research in the cyber domain.
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Neal Kushwaha
CEO, Impendo
Mr Neal Kushwaha is an Ottawa business person operating a consulting company, IMPENDO Inc., with Federal Government and private sector clients. In an effort to achieve his Ph.D, he has written papers on cyber issues and how they relate to the International Law of Armed Conflict and International Hum...
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