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Cloud Native Security Explained

June 15th 2019 13:30 - 14:30
Talks (Room 2200)
Have you ever wondered how security is different ‘in the cloud’? What does “Cloud Native” even mean? What is “Zero Trust”? Serverless? Just In Time (access management)? And how do we secure these things? This talk is a whirlwind intro to securing cloud computing with audience participation and discussions of various new cloud security tactics, in Azure.

Demo will include:
- Complete Azure Security Centre walkthrough
- Policy and compliance, including subscription coverage
- Resource Security Hygiene
- Azure Security Centre Recommendations
- Threat Protection, Alerts and Logging
- Applying Just in Time
- Forcing HTTPS on an app service
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Tanya Janca
Cloud Advocate (DevSecOps/AppSec/DevSlop/WoSEC), Microsoft
Tanya Janca is a senior cloud advocate for Microsoft, specializing in application security; evangelizing software security and advocating for developers through public speaking, her open source project OWASP DevSlop, and various forms of teaching via workshops, blogs and community events. As an ethi...
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