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iHack Ottawa is an immersive cybersecurity conference and capture-the-flag event hosted every summer in Ottawa. Each year we provide our valued attendees with hands-on workshops, villages, competitions, and talks covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics including forensics, reverse engineering, exploitation, and defense. Our goal is to ensure a fun, inclusive, safe, and vibrant learning environment for all our attendees in an effort to narrow the global cybersecurity skills gap the world is facing.

This year we are pleased to offer our attendees with access to 5 talks, 3 workshops, 3 villages, and an all-night international CTF!

Our Mandate

1. Foster the growth and development of Canada’s next generation of cyber-warriors.

2. Provide an immersive cybersecurity learning experience by complementing academic and government initiatives.

3. Champion the advancement of women and people of diverse backgrounds in cybersecurity careers.

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